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Yoga Music for Meditation: Lisbeth Scott's New Video "Voices In The Wind"

Lisbeth Scott New Music New Music Friday Video Yoga

I recently moved away from the heart of the city to a place close to the sea. The night I arrived, there was a fierce wind storm….and the sounds were overwhelming - leaves flapping against each other, the wind pushing against the side of the house, the crash of the waves!

As the storm died down, I stood in the road, watching the waves, hair whipping across my face, stars above… and I heard a neighbors wind chime being tossed about. And I thought “Nature sings to us. We just have to stop and listen.” And at that moment, I started composing “Voices In The Wind”. I wanted to somehow capture the beauty and the depth of these natural elements and share them with the listener. We rarely have enough time in nature. And so “Voices In The Wind” is a moment in nature, a break from the chaos of life, to sit inside the music of the wind.

- xo Lisbeth

Listen to "Voices In The Wind" at your favorite place for music!

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