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Lisbeth Scott Debuts New Video for "Dream of Rain" with Release of "Calm and Comfort".

Hearts of Space Records Lisbeth Scott New Music New Music Friday Video

Lisbeth Scott's new album "Calm and Comfort" debuts today from Hearts of Space Records. With the release is a video for the album's "Dream of Rain".  Lisbeth described her inspiration of the song:

I live in California where the sun is white and hot and the air dry, 360 days of the year. Having grown up in the lush and humid greens and blues of suburban Boston, I find myself constantly longing for the rain; for the soft velvet touch of mist on my face as I’d walk to school in the morning… for the gentle rhythm of drops on the roof as I’d drift to sleep, or the joy of being caught, unsuspecting, in a sudden sun shower.
I remember the smell of rain, the approach of dark grey clouds… and the way everything felt clean and safe, myself included, after a downpour.
So many of us are living through days absent of rain, devoid of the nourishment it brings for humans and the earth alike.
And so "Dream of Rain" was born…  the sounds of a gentle rain layered with soft strings, delicate piano melodies and floating vocals… all created to soothe the  listener into a calm space.. one in which the heart and soul can be rejuvenated.

Listen to "Calm and Comfort" at your favorite music service.

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