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New Music Friday | Joel Andrews "The Violet Flame"

Joel Andrews New Music New Music Friday

Following up harpist Joel Andrews' Ave-Maria Meditation, we are happy to announce the release of The Violet Flame - his 1981 album that too had been absent in the modern digital music world.

Andrews described The Violet Flame ...

What we call “negativity" is just a thought pattern that isn’t bringing harmony, joy, or spiritual wellbeing to you or your environment. However, every pattern has something to teach, and this music, with its message of Light and Love, helps you learn the lesson and release negative patterns with forgiveness. Anyone, at any time, can call forth the Violet Flame and that is both recommended and easy to do whenever you play this music.

The Violet Flame is available digitally (.mp3 and .wav) in both the original unabridged form and a new 11-track edit.

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