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Joel Andrews - The Violet Flame

Valley Entertainment

Joel Andrews - The Violet Flame (Unabridged)

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"The Violet Flame" - the original two-track unabridged version.

Inspires healing and release of negative patterns, through Grace.  It has an elegant, relaxed ambiance, Classical and Cosmic in scope, Brings harmony on all levels of being

Helps you move joyfully through your daily activities, sanctifying them.

The Violet Flame & Violet Joy
What we call “negativity" is just a thought pattern that isn’t bringing harmony, joy, or spiritual wellbeing to you or your environment. However, every pattern has something to teach, and this music, with its message of Light and Love, helps you learn the lesson and release negative patterns with forgiveness. Anyone, at any time, can call forth the Violet Flame and that is both recommended and easy to do whenever you play this music.

When, through the magnetic power of the heart center, you make conscious attunement to The Violet Flame, this awareness evokes the indwelling Divine Consciousness which can then manifest more fully in the outer personality. Self-preservation and devotion to personal needs as primary motivators give way to sensitivity to the needs of humanity and dedication to world service.

The work of transmutation can raise the vibration of Earth and bring into reality the highest vision of The Golden Age. We have been assured that The Violet Flame is available at all times to be invoked at every stage of the process, and this music, so rich in the vibration of The Violet Flame, is an invaluable aid.

Joel Andrews, Harpist
Copyright 1981
Produced by Golden Harp Enterprises 
Recording: Seabird Studios
Graphic Design: Dale E. Moyer


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