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Steve Roach to be honored with ZMR Awards Lifetime Achievement Award

Steve Roach ZMR Music Awards

ZoneMusicReporter will host the 14th Annual ZMR Music Awards Live in New Orleans, LA on May 12th, 2018. 

A Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Hearts of Space Records alumnus Steve Roach - a pioneer in the evolution of ambient and electronic music.  An extremely prolific artist, Roach has a discography of over 170 albums.  Past recipients of the award include Will Ackerman, Steven Halpern, Peter Kater and Deuter. His album "Spiral Revelation" – a 60th Grammy Award nominee - is also nominated in the ZMR Awards’ “Best Electronic Album” category.

Renée Blanche, host of "Night Tides" on KCUR, returns as Master of Ceremonies. The lineup of performers for the public concert and awards show include Eric Tingstad, Kathryn Kaye, Ciro Hurtado, Art Patience, Rebekah Eden, and the new ensemble, FLOW (Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster, Will Ackerman).

Click here to purchase tickets.


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  • Bonnie Jacobson on

    Good morning! Checking in here this morning before my Friday check comes in (Social Security – once a month, on June 1st this time (cuz it’s a Friday)…(usually on the 3rd). Anyway, so I’m “shopping” :) Not necessarily looking for “new” music… just looking for music by artists that I have only 1,2,3 albums. I was really surprised to see that Steve Roach is getting a big “achievement award”! That’s great! His music is very nice. I’ll be back on Friday to buy something. :) Hope you are having a good summer!

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