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Secret Garden Announces "Live at Kilden: 20th Anniversary Concert" DVD

DVD Hearts of Space Records Secret Garden

Secret Garden's "Live at Kilden: 20th Anniversary Concert" is finally coming to DVD! The Region Free disc, for worldwide play, expands upon the CD release by including four additional songs.  The concert celebrates the Norwegian-Irish duo’s two decade career and features the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra along with special guest artists such as Ole Edvard Antonsen, Tracey Campbell, Cathrine Iversen and Espen Grjotheim.

Pre-orders for the DVD are live now with a release set for early December 2016.

1. Celebration
2. Nocturne
3. Silent Wings (feat. Ole Edvard Antonsen)  
4. Frozen in Time
5. Elan
6. Heartstrings / I've Dreamed of You (feat. Tracey Campbell)
7. My Land (featuring Espen Grjotheim)
8. Grace (feat. Ole Edvard Antonsen)
9. Moving
10. Sleepsong (feat. Cathrine Iversen)
11. Sometimes When it Rains
12. Ode to Simplicity / Simply You (feat. Tracey Campbell & Ole Edvard Antonsen)
13. Steps
14. Did I Not Love You (feat. Espen Grjotheim & Cathrine Iversen)
15. Hymn to Hope / Sometimes A Prayer Will Do (feat. Tracey Campbell)
16. Poeme
17. The Reel
18. You Raise Me Up (feat. Espen Grjotheim & Tracey Campbell)
19. Song from a Secret Garden
20. Thank You (feat. Espen Grjotheim, Cathrine Iversen, Tracey Campbell & Ole Edvard Antonsen)
21. Celebration (Encore)

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