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Remembering the Mighty Sam McClain: Mahsa Vahdat

Mahsa Vahdat Mighty Sam McClain Remembering the Mighty Sam McClain

Mighty Sam McClain & Mahsa Vahdat - A Deeper Tone of Longing: Love Duets Across Civilizations"He is always in my heart and mind.  It is so amazing that in Iran people still are so thankful for his songs and listen and listen and send me wonderful message about the cooperation we had.

The first song I heard from Sam was “Why Do We Have to Say Goodbye“ and his voice captivated my heart.  I could feel the glow in his voice.  My favorite song that we cooperated on is “A Deeper Tone of Longing".   Whenever I miss him too much, I play this song.  Of course I have more like “Meditating Over a Photo” – but “A Deeper Tone of Longing" is so special for me."

- Mahsa Vahdat

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