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Red Bull Radio's Discreet Music features Suspended Memories

Hearts of Space Records Jorge Reyes Steve Roach Suso Saiz Suspended Memories

Check out Red Bull Radio's new Discreet Music show "Beyond the Fourth World". This edition features "Snake Song" from Suspended Memories - the trio of Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes and Suso Saiz.

An exploration of the adventurously global music concept, plus sounds from Total Art of Percussion, Pan Daijing, Hiroshi Yoshimura and more.

Jon Hassell’s Fourth World concept brilliantly describes a sound that feels abstract but also grounded in global sounds — it is at once a subgenre and a way of thinking about or making music. This week’s installment of Discreet Music explores sounds that are influenced — overtly and not so much — by the perspective that Hassell advocates for in his own music. Also featured this week: new music from Pan Daijing, a super-rare piece by Hiroshi Yoshimura and much more.

Listen to Discreet Music.

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