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“Oliver Sacks: His Own Life” - Original Soundtrack by Brian Keane for New Ric Burns' Film

Brian Keane Soundtrack

The music composer for Oliver Sacks: His Own Life, opening September 23, 2020 nationwide on Virtual Cinema Platform Kino Marquee & Film Forum Virtual Cinema, is Brian Keane, a multiple Emmy winning composer, 20-time Emmy nominee, Grammy winning producer. Brian has scored the music to most of director Ric Burns' award-winning documentaries including the classic series New York, and critically acclaimed Andy Warhol. Having been the composer for hundreds of award-winning films spanning four decades, Brian’s credits include serving as the composer for Oscar winning director Barry Levinson, Stephen King, and his score to Susan Lacy’s HBO film Very Ralph about fashion icon Ralph Lauren won the 2020 Grand Award in the New York Festival TV and Film Awards.

Keane writes, “Oliver was quirky, but very serious. Intellectual, but extremely compassionate. There is a deep sense of wonder, and fascination with life itself and with our existence, in this story, Oliver was asking “who are we?”, and yet, this is also a story of a man who had six months to live. Director Ric Burns was documenting his thoughts in real time as they occurred, as were a cast of interesting characters involved in his life and work.

Oliver was also a classical pianist and music lover. At one point in the film, we left him playing his own slightly out of tune piano in. I often used the piano as Oliver’s voice in the score, often with a live chamber orchestra for emotional intensity in scoring Oliver thematically.

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life is a story of discovery, fascination, incredible human compassion, quirky humor, and heartbreak. In the end, the film is an affirmation of the wonders of being alive.”

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