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Kevin Braheny Fortune’s “Lullaby for the Hearts of Space” to be released digitally after years of anticipation

Hearts of Space Records Kevin Braheny Fortune New Release

“Lullaby for the Hearts of Space”, composed in 1980, has yet to be released on disc. Previously only available on cassette, this remastered edition will see its first ever digital and CD release. As a result, the album has been long sought after. Featuring two tracks, “Lullaby for the Hearts of Space” showcases live improvisation.

   Kevin Braheny Fortune “Lullaby for the Hearts of Space”

 Musician Kevin Braheny Fortune is set to release his highly anticipated album. “Lullaby for the Hearts of Space” (to be released on June 16th, 2017 on Hearts of Space Records) is based on a live performance for Hearts of Space Radio. Featuring improvised tracks, “Lullaby for the Hearts of Space” has become one of the most sought-after ambient recordings of the era.

Kevin detailed the creation of his upcoming album:

“Nothing was pre-set. My creative process had been improvisation based upon a kind of feedback with dancers, and aliveness that we cycled between us. Having built the instrument, I was extremely facile in creating sound from nothing and responding quickly to the energetic shifts in the room. On this day however, I was getting nowhere.
I began the soft sounds that ushered in the twilight, and the motif that would define the harmony of the piece. Picking up my soprano sax, I turned toward the mic and control room window and was somewhat startled to see wall-to-wall people pressed up against the glass watching and listening. I felt connected to the sounds, the people, the wave of energy, and that thirty minutes of music felt timeless.”

Listen to to an excerpt from "Lullaby for the Hearts of Space" on Soundcloud at

"Lullaby for the Hearts of Space” is available for preorder in all physical and digital formats
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