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Voyage 2: A Valley Entertainment Collection

Valley Entertainment

Voyage 2: A Valley Entertainment Collection [FREE]

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Journey through the Valley Entertainment labels, including Hearts of Space Records and Sledgehammer Blues, with this FREE digital compilation!  Explore over an hour-and-a-half of music across all genres including new music.  This collection is available for a limited time in both .mp3 and .wav formats.


1. Bill Douglas
"Angelico" (Quiet Moon)
2. David Darling
"The Beauty of All things" (Homage to Kindness)
3. Coyote Oldman
"Timeless" (Under an Ancient Sky)
4. Lisbeth Scott
"Last View" (Machu Picchu: Original Soundtrack)
5. Thomasina Levy & David Darling feat. Joseph FireCrow
"Walk in Beauty" (Parallel Universe)
6. Steve Roach & Kevin Braheny
"Quiet Friend" (Starflight 1)
7. Robert Rich & B. Lustmord
"Elemental Trigger" (Stalker)
8. Mighty Sam McClain
"When the Hurt is Over" (A Diamond in the Rough)
9. Bruce Katz Band
"Contrition" (Crescent Crawl)
10. Doug MacLeod
"Unmarked Road" (Unmarked Road)
11. Terry Evans
"Blues No More" (Puttin It' Down)
12. Larry Willis
"Steal Away" (Steal Away)


13. Kronos Quartet feat. Mahsa Vahdat & Marjan Vahdat
"Placeless" (Placeless)
14. Karla Bonoff
"I Can't Hold On" (Live)
15. Hackensaw Boys
"Restaurant Girl" (The Old Sound of Music Sessions)
16. Jonn Serrie
"Within Dreams" (Azurae)

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