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Various Artists - Music of Grace: Amazing Grace

Valley Entertainment

Various Artists - Music of Grace: Amazing Grace

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Available digitally only as full album.

From the same producer as the Sacred Treasures series, this compilation features the #1 hymn of all time - "Amazing Grace". It includes 14 intimate, tender, and comforting performances of the hymn by top solo artists, ensembles, and choirs.

"The hymn `Amazing Grace' is one of the best loved and most recorded songs in history. The story behind the lyrics is well-known: English slave trader John Newton, after nearly losing his life in a violent storm at sea, had a profound change of heart and eventually became a prolific writer of hymns - including `Amazing Grace' - and a passionate abolitionist. The source of the melody is much less certain but appears to have come from Ireland or Scotland and was originally called `New Britain'. The Scots have certainly made it their own through countless stirring performances on bagpipes. Throughout the world, the piece is cherished and is sung in a vast array of styles, most notably Gospel, Country, Folk, and Celtic.

`Amazing Grace' is an expression of deep personal gratitude that has an extraordinary power to touch the heart, uplift the spirit, and transcend sectarian divisions as few other pieces have ever done.

This compilation brings together 14 intimate, tender, and comforting performances of `Amazing Grace' - 7 vocal and 7 instrumental - by top artists, ensembles, and choirs. It includes children's voices, sweet Celtic harmonies, angelic solos, and a haunting chant with distant bagpipes sung in the Cherokee language. There is even signing by whales! These voices are joined by instrumental versions of the piece on fiddles, keyboards, harp, harp-guitar - and of course, bagpipes - in a powerful, magical celebration."

- Ellen Holmes, Producer

 Enjoy a video sampler of the album from YouTube.

1. The St. Philip’s Boys Choir - Amazing Grace
2. Lisbeth Scott - Amazing Grace
3. John Doan - Amazing Grace
4. David Tolk - Amazing Grace
5. Walela - Amazing Grace
6. Cecilia - Amazing Grace
7. Mark O’Connor - Amazing Grace
8. William Neil - Amazing Grace
9. Katie McMahon - Amazing Grace
10. Shanon - Amazing Grace
11. Phyllis Taylor Sparks - Amazing Grace
12. Simeon Wood, Graham Hepburn, Amanda Barrass, & John Gerighty - Amazing Grace
13. Africa Umoja - Amazing Grace
14. City of Washington Pipe Band & Bonnie Rideout - Amazing Grace



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