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Thomas Barquee - Temple

Hearts of Space Records

Thomas Barquee - Temple

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"[Thomas] Barquee merges Gregorian ambiences, synthesizer framing, and what sounds like a glossolalia of Latin and Sufi phonemes." 

- John Diliberto

Like Lisa Gerrard and other spinners of wordless song across the ages, Thomas Barquee uses his voice as an instrument for soul travel. Backed by piano and keyboards, acoustic guitar and subtle percussion, Barquee's layered harmonies create an atmosphere of intense yearning and a sense of sanctuary. These magnificent songs are talismans and touchstones for the longing spirit.


Composed and Produced by Thomas Barquee
All Music and Vocals performed by Thomas Barquee
Additional Percua Gurevitch and Daniel Rossman
Recorded & Mixed at the ZenDen, Los Angeles
Additional Recording at Mixed Media, Santa Monica
Mastered by Bob Olhsson and Stephen Hill
at Hearts of Space, Sausalito, California




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