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Rasa - In Concert

Valley Entertainment

Rasa - In Concert

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Track List
Hari Haraye (MP3) $ 1.19 Add to Cart
Sri Rupa Manjari (MP3) $ 1.19 Add to Cart
Govindam (MP3) $ 1.19 Add to Cart
Kabe Habe Bolo (MP3) $ 1.19 Add to Cart
Prabhupada Padma (MP3) $ 1.19 Add to Cart
Mama Mandire (MP3) $ 1.19 Add to Cart
Gopinatha (MP3) $ 1.19 Add to Cart
Arati (MP3) $ 1.19 Add to Cart
Hari Haraye (WAV) $ 1.59 Add to Cart
Sri Rupa Manjari (WAV) $ 1.59 Add to Cart
Govindam (WAV) $ 1.59 Add to Cart
Kabe Habe Bolo (WAV) $ 1.59 Add to Cart
Prabhupada Padma (WAV) $ 1.59 Add to Cart
Mama Mandire (WAV) $ 1.59 Add to Cart
Gopinatha (WAV) $ 1.59 Add to Cart
Arati (WAV) $ 1.59 Add to Cart

The third release from the award-winning duo Rasa is a live album that features the best-loved songs from their two previous releases and a never-before released track, "Prabuhpada Padma."

RASA IN CONCERT features Kim Waters' serenely soulful vocals and Hans Christian's intensely expressive instrumental performances from their auspicious debut Devotion, which was named Amazon's number one New Age Album of 2000, and from their sophomore release Union, which won the same award for the year 2001 as well as the New Age Voice Music Award for Best Vocal Album of 2001!


KIM WATERS vocals, shakers, bells
HANS CHRISTIAN cello, sarangi, nyckelharpa,
sitara, electric bass, samples, live loops
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by HANS CHRISTIAN
at Allemande Music, Sister Bay, Wl.
Recorded live at Piedmont Yoga, Oakland CA,
September 29th, 2001, Yoga Tree, San Francisco GA
October 6th, 2001, Open Secret, San Rafael CA,
October 12th, 2001. No overdubs
were added to these recordings.



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