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Omar Faruk Tekbilek - One Truth

Hearts of Space Records

Omar Faruk Tekbilek - One Truth

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Track List
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I Love You (MP3) $ 0.99 Add to Cart
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Manhem (MP3) $ 0.99 Add to Cart
Tahir Raks (MP3) $ 0.99 Add to Cart
Roman (MP3) $ 0.99 Add to Cart
One Truth (MP3) $ 0.99 Add to Cart
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Sufi (MP3) $ 0.99 Add to Cart
Istanbul (MP3) $ 0.99 Add to Cart
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I Love You (WAV) $ 1.29 Add to Cart
Wildflower (WAV) $ 1.29 Add to Cart
Manhem (WAV) $ 1.29 Add to Cart
Tahir Raks (WAV) $ 1.29 Add to Cart
Roman (WAV) $ 1.29 Add to Cart
One Truth (WAV) $ 1.29 Add to Cart
Ara'ya (WAV) $ 1.29 Add to Cart
Sufi (WAV) $ 1.29 Add to Cart
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Turkish virtuoso Omar Faruk Tekbilek opens a window into the divine passion and poetry of Sufism, the mystical sect of Islam.

Burning performances on Middle Eastern instruments, intricate rhythms and intense devotional songs of slowly unfolding magnificence create an ideal world where old and new cultures commingle and time is suspended in the One Truth of music.


Produced by Yuval Ron

All tracks arranged by : Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Yuval Ron
Digital editing : Tan Nickus
Tracked at Crafty Productions by Randy Crafton
All tracks mixed by Mon Agranat except Red Skies and Manhem
mixed by Peter R. Kelsey
Addistant to Yuval Ron : Catherine Kelsey
Mastered by : Bob Olhsson and Stephen Hill at Hearts of Space, Sausalito, California
Art Direction : Stephen Hill
Design : Jeremy Hulette
Cover photograph : Kocatepe Mosque, Ankara (Chris Miller/Corbis)
Inlay outside : Mudlim at prayer inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul (Craig Lovell/Corbid)
Inlay inside : Blue Mosque, Istanbul (Brian McGilloway/Holmes-Jones-Mauzy/Sausalito)
Artist photograph : Kvon

Azam Ali appears courtesy of Narada Record


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