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Joel Andrews - Seven Wheels of Light

Valley Entertainment

Joel Andrews - Seven Wheels of Light

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A restorative journey through the Chakras for purification, energizing, and harmony. Hindu yoga masters identified seven energy centers in the body and named them “chakras,” Sanskrit for “wheels of fire.”  Arranged along the spine, the chakras affect specific nerve groups and organ systems, and act as a connection between our physical and spiritual bodies. Unbalanced or blocked chakras can weaken overall health; thus, balancing the chakras is essential for vitality and wellness.” - Joel Andrews
Master harpist Joel Andrews studied music's effect on the chakras for over 35 years. Aided by scientist Marcel Vogel, he learned to create music that alters the body's physiology. Here, he combines this knowledge with his gifts as a composer and performer to create a healing journey through the chakras. With his solo harp, Andrews weaves a rich tapestry of sound that will energize and balance your physical and spiritual bodies.

The Seven Wheels of Light  
1a) Introduction - Harmonizes the environment wherever it is played and provides an ambience for higher beings to come to you if you choose to call on them. As the music plays, you may feel the vibration in the room change. Each chakra section also has a short introduction, useful for working on a single chakra repeatedly. Andrews  suggests using this music seven days on, seven days off, but adopt whatever schedule seems natural for you.

1b) The Root Chakra 1: Life Force - (Red) The root chakra is associated with issues of survival so the music for this chakra can help to stimulate your basic physical energy. When this chakra is balanced, it can aid you in overcoming emotions such as jealousy, selfishness, and greed. It may also be helpful if you are over-emotional or try to control others through your emotions.
2) The Sacral Chakra II: Creativity - (Orange) This chakra controls and shapes the primal energy from the first chakra. It provides a focus for your creative and artistic energies, and aids in developing constructive ways to realize your ideas. By giving form and direction to the Kundalini, the sacral chakra provides a spiritual dimension to your basic needs, and helps to avoid actions that are not uplifting to the higher self.
3) The Solar Plexus Chakra III: Harmony- (Yellow) Dualities are felt in this chakra. Male/female, assertiveness vs. receptivity and intellect vs. emotion all have their seat here. This chakra is also the energy source for ordinary thinking. Balancing and stimulating this chakra can help to resolve problems of duality or opposition, bringing you peace.
4) The Heart/Thymus Chakra IV: Unconditional Love - (Green) The heart chakra can be called "the great arbitrator." Its action balances the lower three chakras with the upper three, and also helps you to carry flashes of inspiration forward into their practical realization. Harmonizing this chakra brings light-heartedness and inspires gentleness. Stimulating the heart chakra can help to lessen grief and depression by allowing you to let go of painful incidents from the past.   
5) The Throat Thyroid Chakra V: Accomplishment - (Blue) The throat chakra is the seat of the Will. When energized it may help you to stay in touch with the ideals of your higher self. It may also aid you in realizing inspired changes by affirming your intention and communicating this to others. Balancing this chakra can help you to let go of worn-out beliefs and mental habits from the past, enhancing your ability to change by taking action.
6) The Third Eye/Pineal Chakra VI:  Intuition - (Indigo) This chakra inspires the conscious mind through flashes of insight. When open, it provides contact with unconscious records of past events, as well as past lives. Balancing this chakra helps you to associate more closely with your spiritual nature. It can also help you to overcome excessive focus on physical pleasure and will also assist you in letting go of self-consciousness and egotism.
7)  The Crown/Pituitary Chakra VII:  Universal Oneness and Light - (Violet or Magenta). This chakra is our source of spirit and ultimate love, connecting us with the Universal Being. Interacting constantly with chakra VI, it acts as a receptor and dispenser of pure spirit-energy. Your true identity and higher self have their seat here. Opening this chakra helps to bring you enlightenment and faith in the unseen mysteries of the universe. Spiritual ecstasy, peace, and a consciousness of unity with all creation are the gifts of an open crown chakra.
Produced and Composed by Joel Andrews
Recording and Mastering: Justin Mayer and Barry Phillips of Bear Creek Recording Studio, Santa Cruz, California


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