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Frank Barter - Ready

Valley Entertainment

Frank Barter - Ready

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Frank Barter writes and sings like a guy who’s been beat up and still won’t quit, like a guy who’s been dumped but still has hope for a happy ending. There’s gravel and silk, triumph and longing, celebration and regret. Frank Barter doesn’t hold back for anyone or anything. Notable music writer Charles R. Cross once described Frank Barter songs as “Expansive as an Eastern Oregon Sunset.” If you’ve never seen one of those, they’re burning in the middle, sitting on top of a wheat field, with a golden glow on each side stretching the horizon forever. That’s where Frank Barter takes you.

“I tend to write my songs from a visual place. Almost theatrically. I get a set in my head and then try and create a story or a character in that setting. I am not sure why that works best other than I have some theater chops from the past.”

Frank broke on the Seattle scene before it was a scene and stormed around the Northwest. After family, after battling a rattling health scare, he’s back in a big way. He’s been compared to distinctive singer-songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger and Jackson Browne in reviews and by listeners.  Frank undoubtedly is humbled by those comparisons. “Having my name lumped into sentences with those guys is ridiculous, and I certainly appreciate it, I never had their fame and fortune obviously, but to walk around knowing some folks have been touched by what I try to do on that kind of level, is all I can ask for.”


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