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Strunz & Farah - Misterio

Sledgehammer Blues

Strunz & Farah - Misterio

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Track List
Preludio (MP3) $ 1.39 Add to Cart
Anoranza (Yearning) (MP3) $ 1.39 Add to Cart
Arcades (MP3) $ 1.39 Add to Cart
Ziryab (MP3) $ 1.39 Add to Cart
Misterio (MP3) $ 1.39 Add to Cart
Lluvia Suave (Soft Rain) (MP3) $ 1.39 Add to Cart
Burabampo (The Deer) (MP3) $ 1.39 Add to Cart
Preludio (WAV) $ 1.79 Add to Cart
Anoranza (Yearning) (WAV) $ 1.79 Add to Cart
Arcades (WAV) $ 1.79 Add to Cart
Ziryab (WAV) $ 1.79 Add to Cart
Misterio (WAV) $ 1.79 Add to Cart
Lluvia Suave (Soft Rain) (WAV) $ 1.79 Add to Cart
Burabampo (The Deer) (WAV) $ 1.79 Add to Cart

From the Grammy-nominated, Billboard chart-topping acoustic guitar duo.  Strunz & Farah's music is perhaps best described as original international acoustic instrumental improvisational guitar music, world guitar, or ethnojazz. Their music is saturated with their cultural roots: Afro-Caribbean, Latin American folk, flamenco and Middle Eastern music, and draws heavily from the jazz concept of improvisation.


Jorge Strunz - Guitar, Percussion
Ardeshir Farah - Guitar, Percussion
Ciro Hurtado - Acoustic Guitar
Charlie Bisharat - Percussion, Violin
Luis Perez Ixoneztli - Percussion, Wind
Kathlyn Powell - Percussion


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