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Constance Demby - Sanctum Sanctuorum

Hearts of Space Records

Constance Demby - Sanctum Sanctuorum

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Track List
Alleluiah (MP3) $ 1.49 Add to Cart
Invocation (MP3) $ 1.99 Add to Cart
Formless Presence (MP3) $ 1.49 Add to Cart
Gateway (MP3) $ 1.49 Add to Cart
Haven of Peace (MP3) $ 1.49 Add to Cart
Sanctuary (MP3) $ 1.49 Add to Cart
Alleluiah (WAV) $ 1.99 Add to Cart
Invocation (WAV) $ 2.59 Add to Cart
Formless Presence (WAV) $ 1.99 Add to Cart
Gateway (WAV) $ 1.99 Add to Cart
Haven of Peace (WAV) $ 1.99 Add to Cart
Sanctuary (WAV) $ 1.99 Add to Cart

Constance Demby's ambient atmospheres and Gregorian chant take the listener to a sublime sanctuary of peace.

Demby's first collection of the new Millenium, this record originally came out on First Light Records. Composed as an extension of her Faces of the Christ album, the music was based on the original multimedia presentation.

"Expansive, tender and passionately spiritual, Demby's music is designed for stress relief, contemplation and serenity."

- New Age Retailer

"Allows listeners to enter a trance-like state of being.  The journey leads to increased spiritual and emotional well-being."

- All Music Guide




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