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Cindy Combs - Sunny Rain

Dancing Cat Records

Cindy Combs - Sunny Rain

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Aloha Dear Listener,

SUNNY RAIN is a blend of contemporary and traditional slack key stylings coupled with my heartfelt appreciation of Hawaiian lyric and melody. Though these are all solo guitar instrumental arrangements, in my performance of the melodies that have lyrics, those lyrics and their sentiment are crucial in my interpretation and delivery of the piece…..its tempo, timbre, and tone. In rendering those tunes that have no lyrics, I feel lyrics are implied…the tunes are talking to me about places and people I know and love, and times in my life that bring cherished memories.

This record is a reflection of my development as an artist during a ten year period of some thirty plus years of playing and recording slack key. It is also testament to the value of encouragement which I have so graciously been given by George Winston, and a musical portrait of my gratitude; I am so very grateful to be living a Hawaiian life…to be a person living and loving each morning, noon, and night in my beloved Hawaiian home.

In Joy,



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