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Capercaillie - Live In Concert

Valley Entertainment

Capercaillie - Live In Concert

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For a band that began life as a traditional music outfit, CAPERCAILLIE has never been afraid of venturing into new musical terrain. Through twelve studio albums and countless "live" performances in over 30 countries, the group has continued to develop and hone their craft, adding distinctive, contemporary innovations to a traditional music-based repertoire.

All of this glorious instrumental virtuosity is taken to transcendental heights by the peerless vocals of Karen Matheson, who has been described by Billboard magazine as 'the finest Gaelic singer alive today'.
Here then is Capercaillie "live in concert", continuing to explore new territory whilst preserving the rich musical tradition that is their heritage.


1 Mo Chailin Dileas Donn 3:45
2 Finlays 5:45
Kepplehall 6:16
3a. Kepplehall
3b. The Osmosis Reel
4 Nil Si I Ngra 5:10
5 The Miracle Of Being 6:02
Dr Macphail's Reel / Cape Breton Song 5:34
6a. Dr Macphail's Reel
6b. Cape Breton Song
The Weasel Set 4:32
7a. Granny Hold The Candle While I Shave The Chicken's Lip II
7b. The Weasel In The Dyke
7c. Macleod's Farewell
8 Inexile 4:12
9 Iain Ghlinn Cuaich 3:15
10 Bonaparte 4:28
The Rob Roy Reels 8:00
11a. The Road To Rio
11b. Bulgarian Red
11c. Shetland Reel
11d. The Gesto Reel
11e. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
11f. The Rob Roy Reel
12 Coisich A Ruin 3:18
13 Crime Of Passion 5:57
14 The Tree 4:56



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