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Yanni - Out of Silence

Windham Hill Records

Yanni - Out of Silence

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"Perhaps his most celebratory recording, Out of Silence is Yanni's second release and is well-stocked with some of his most uplifting works: the sparkling "Sand Dance," for instance, and the cinematic, chest-swelling "After the Sunrise." Two of the most riveting selections found on Live at the Acropolis had their origin here: "Standing in Motion" and "Within Attraction." While a selection such as "Point of Origin" might bring Tangerine Dream to mind, this release is probably the most John Tesh-like of any of Yanni's recordings, and that's intended as a compliment. (Tesh, in fact, once performed in Yanni's backup band.) The closing track, the pulsing "Paths of Water," is outstanding."

- Terry Wood

"Unlike much adult alternative music, it's constantly stimulating foreground music with an extremely modern sound."

- William Ruhlmann (All Music Guide)

1. Sand Dance    5:10
2. After The Sunrise    4:40
3. Standing In Motion    5:20
4. The Mermaid    3:46
5. Within Attraction    4:12
6. Street Level    4:18
7. Secret Vows    3:55
8. Point Of Origin    6:05
9. Acroyali    5:05
10. Paths On Water    3:51


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