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Capercaillie - Grace & Pride: The Anthology 2004-1984

Valley Entertainment

Capercaillie - Grace & Pride: The Anthology 2004-1984

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"Grace & Pride" celebrates the 20th anniversary of Britain's leading Celtic band, Capercaillie, with 38 songs over 2 CDs!

"Grace & Pride" celebrates the 20th anniversary of Britain's leading Celtic and, Capercaillie (pronounced cap-er-cay-lee). The double CD anthology contains 38 tracks taken from each of the band's 15 albums, including previously unreleased, ultra-rare and long deleted tracks. Throughout their career Capercaillie have drawn on two great strengths to inspire them. The first of these is the astonishing musical dexterity of the various fiddle, whistle, flute and pipe players who have performed with them over the years, lead by the accordion and keyboards of band founder Donald Shaw. The other foundation of the band has been the peerless voice of co-founder Karen Matheson, described by Sean Connery as having "a throat that is surely touched by God". Universally recognised as one of the finest Gaelic singers alive today, Karen's exquisite voice has been at the center of the band's music, whether breathing new life into 400-year old Gaelic songs or bringing her luscious vocals to the band's contemporary compositions. There have been many milestones for a band who have sold over a million albums world wide. These include three silver and one gold album in the UK, the first Gaelic Top 40 single, writing the music for, and appearing in the Hollywood movie "Rob Roy", and performing in over thirty countries including Iraq, Macedonia and the Sudan. Capercaillie have been credited with being the major force in bringing Celtic music to the world stage, and their unique fusion of Gaelic culture and contemporary sound has always stretched boundaries in their quest to keep the music evolving. On "Grace and Pride" the track listing follows the band back in time from last year's "Choice Language" to their debut release in 1984 "Cascade", taking in every album they have released along the way. This is a fascinating journey through the creative evolution of one of Scotland's and roots music's most enduring and successful bands.

Who Will Raise Their Voice?    3:40
Mile Marbhaisg    4:36
Homer's Reel    3:53
Mo Chailin Dileas Donn    3:53
The Rob Roy Reels    8:05
The Road To Rio
Bulgarian Red
Donald Blue
The Gesto Reel
Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
The Rob Roy Reel
Tighinn Air A'Mhuir    3:42
Hoireann O    4:00
The Snuff Wife Jigs    4:00
Sweet, Sound, Sorted
Cape Breton Jig
The Snuff Wife    
Breisleach (Live)    3:36
Co Ni Mire Rium?    4:25
Beautiful Wasteland    4:30
Am Mur Gorm    5:36
Finlay's    4:25
Clo Mhic Ille Mhicheil    3:04
Claire In Heaven    3:55
Ailein Duinn    3:34
Fear-Allabain    3:55
Eastern Reel    4:31
Stinging Rain (Single Edit)    4:08
Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda    4:55
Miracle Of Being (Youth Re-mix)    4:33
Bonaparte    4:45
Grace And Pride    4:45
Silver Spear Reels    4:13
Dean Cadalan/Servant To The Slave    6:23
Pige Ruadh    3:27
Waiting For The Wheel To Turn (12" Mix)    6:42
Dr. Macphail's Reel    2:52
Heart Of The Highland    3:48
Coisich A Ruin (12" Mix)    3:35
Fisherman's Dream    3:55
Sidewaulk Reels    4:45
Argyll Reel
O'er Bogie
An Chearc Is Ah'Al
Mrs. Dow
Marie's Reel
Fosgail An Dorus/Nighean Bhuidh' Ruadh    2:58
Oh Mo Dhuthaich    1:34
Calum's Road    2:26
Fear A' Bhata    1:55
An Ribhinn Donn    2:57
The Little Cascade    1:49


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