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Various Artists - Thanksgiving: A Windham Hill Collection

Windham Hill Records

Various Artists - Thanksgiving: A Windham Hill Collection

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A Windham Hill Collection: Instrumental Inspiration for Daily Living.

A Windham Hill Collection capturing the poetic sounds of everyday blessings from today's favorite instrumental artists.  A classic blend of piano, acoustic guitar, violin, cello and more.  

1. Paul McCandless with Philip Aaberg & Michael Manring - "We Gather Together"
2. Eileen Ivers - "Bygone Days"
3. Sean Harkness - "Coming Home"
4. Tracy Silverman and Thea Silverman - "Simple Gifts"
5. William Coulter and Barry Phillips - "The Savior's Unviersal Prayer / And Again Heavenly Father"
6. R. Carlos Nakai - "Silver Salmon Bear"
7. Paul Winter - "Heaven Within"
8. Tim Story - "Caranna"
9. Liz Story - "Blessings"
10. John Sebastian - "Wagoner's Lad"
11. William Ackerman - "The Gathering"
12. George Winston - "Thanksgiving"


Traditional., arranged by Brian Keane
Brain Keane and Eileen Ivers
Sean Harkness
Traditional, arranged by Tracy Silverman
Traditional Shaker melody, arranged by Barry Phillips
R. Carlos Nakai
Paul Halley
Tim Storv
Liz Story
Traditional, arranged by Brian Keane
Will Ackerman
George Winston
Executive Producer: Sheila Volpe
A&R Direction: Sheila Volpe
Art Direction: Scott Hughes
Project Coordination: Renee Armenia
Muse Media


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