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Constance Demby - Faces of Christ

Sound Currents

Constance Demby - Faces of Christ

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Constance Demby's Faces Of The Christ is the soundtrack to an Avalon Productions film of the same name.

The CD has four separate compositions with seamless transitions between them. In essence, the soundtrack is one single 59-minute piece. Demby has a reputation for creating and performing deeply spiritual and sacred atmospheres. This soundscape is reverent, dynamic, and triumphant with somber overtones. This is an absolute classic disc for all collectors of electronic music.


Part 1     14:57
Part 2     13:10
Part 3     15:21
Part 4     15:14


Engineered by Constance Dembr
Sound Currents Studios
Los Angeles, Cantornia,
Sound Library- Stratus Sounds, Jim Miller
Cover Art and Design- Chai Gallahun,
Amun Lew and Pascal Languirand


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