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Capercaillie - Secret People

Valley Entertainment

Capercaillie - Secret People

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This re-release by world-renowned Celtic music sensation, CAPERCAILLIE, features lush, traditional Celtic melodies with lively beats of contemporary, electronic treatments in a winning combination sure to excite music fans of all ages. Originally released in 1993 with limited U.S. distribution, this record has been certified as a silver album with over 60,000 U.K. sales. The band is captured here in full flight, the performances and playing are spectacular, and a number of the tracks here have remained in the band's live set over the years. Notable songs include Manus Lunny's "Grace and Pride" which was used on the million-selling Celtic Moods album, and "Tobermory," a powerful driving rhythm backing Karen's dramatic Gaelic chant. 

1   Bonaparte
2   Grace and Pride
3   Tobar Mhoire
4   Four Stone Walls
5   Crime of Passion
6   The Whinney Hills Jigs
7   An Eala Bhan
8   Seice Ruairidh
9   Stinging Rain
10   Hi Rim Bo
11   The Miracle of Being
12   The Harley Ashtray
13   Oran
14   Black Fields



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