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Various Artists - Celtic Paradise

Valley Entertainment

Various Artists - Celtic Paradise

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Available digitally only as full album.

Celtic Paradise, a compilation of musicians and songwriters from Ireland, Scotland, America, Canada, Australia, Holland and Sweden that came together in a remarkable synthesis that demonstrates the universal power of the Celtic Musical imagination.

Celtic Paradise is a compilation that bring together musicians and songwriters from Ireland, Scotland, America, Canada, Australia, Holland, and Sweden. Celtic Paradise features the fun, catchy and instantly recognizable song, "Happy", by the band, The Whole Tribe Sings; d'goya, comprised of Deirdre MacQuaile and Margaret Brennan, whose sensuous harmonies and vivid lyrics on the track "Fallen" express the univeral theme of love in a gentle, accessible manner; songs from Dougie MacLean, one of Scotland's most popular singer-songwriters; Brian Mac Aodha, who plays the classical Irish pipes; Paul McDonnell, a man with a distinctive golden voice with great pop sensibilities pairs with Dave Molloy in a hanuting rendition of "The Lakes Of Ponchartrain".

1. Whole Tribe Sings - Happy
2. D'goya - Fallen
3. Órla - Ripples Of Hope
4. Dougie MacLean - Stolen
5. Beth Patterson - Anathea
6. Janette Geri - The Return
7. Janette Geri - Olliebod's Jig
8. Kathleen Farley - Heavenly Love
9. James Keigher - Paradise
10. David Molloy & Paul McDowell - The Lakes Of Ponchartrain
11. Kathleen Farley - Ready For The Storm
12. West Of Eden - This Piece Of Earth
13. Brian MacAodha - The Bucks Of Oranmore
14. Michael Marks - Woman
15. Dougie MacLean - Sunset Song


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