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Paul Schwartz - State Of Grace II: Turning to Peace

Windham Hill Records

Paul Schwartz - State Of Grace II: Turning to Peace

The second in the three-part series of composer Paul Schwartz's electronica-classical opus.  State of Grace II: Turning To Peace again features performances from Lisbeth Scott and The Joyful Company of Singers.  The album also includes legendary gutiarist Carlos Santana!

Paul Schwartz is back with a follow-up to the popular series State of Grace, with State of Grace II: Turning To Peace. Having always been drawn to the great Latin texts that have inspired so many great composers before him, State of Grace II: Turning To Peace is based on two Latin texts: the Magnificat and the Stabat Mater. 

"The Magnificat is taken directly from the Bible, from the Gospel of Luke: it is the prayer of Mary expressing her joy in the knowledge that she will bear the son of God. The Stabat Mater is a medieval poem that describes the sorrows of Mary as her son’s life is taken. I wanted to oppose the two images: the rejoicing expectant mother, and the eventual tragedy that overcomes her. These texts and the other songs on the album form a journey from joy, to sorrow, to joy again."

- Paul Schwartz 

With Lisbeth Scott once again lending her vocal talents, this is possibly Schwartz’ most beautiful release yet!  Another highlight of the album is "Curacion (Sunlight On Water)" co-written and performed with Carlos Santana.

1. Magnificat    5:13
2. Turning To Peace    5:25
3. Curacion (Sunlight On Water)    4:47
4. Stabat Mater    5:38
5. Quia Respexit    6:51
6. Fear Not    5:03
7. Et Misericordia    4:16
8. Suscepit Israel    5:55
9. Ave Maria    3:59
10. Gloria    5:25
11. Let Me    4:01


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