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Paul Schwartz - State of Grace

Windham Hill Records

Paul Schwartz - State of Grace

The newest Windham Hill Records reissue: State of Grace is the first in the three-part series of composer Paul Schwartz's electronica-classical opus.  Featuring performances from Lisbeth Scott, Gavyn Wright and The Joyful Company of Singers.

Back in print for the first time in many years, State of Grace is a long time favorite of fans and reviewers alike:

"Lisbeth Scott's lushly ululating voice streams into the synthorchestral swells of Veni Redempton Gentium."

"The Joyful Company of Singers lend their wafting multi-voiced choirsounds to Miserere, a smooth variation on the chants-and-dance theme."

"He composes his own 21st-century gothic chants, which are sung by the impassioned soprano Lisbeth Scott.  Scott is a powerful singer who brings a more emotional, perhaps even lustful, tone to these electro-Gregorian evocations, gliding over synthesize ministrations and violin from the durable Gavyn Wright.  Paul Schwartz was also responsible for the Aria CDs, on which he updated operatic arias with dance beats.  State of Grace benefits from the less oppressive rhythmic regimentation, letter these soaring melodies ring out."

-John Diliberto, host and producer of Echoes

"State of Grace is lushly produced, combining orchestra with contemporary percussion and rich vocal arrangements."

-Russell Elliot, Musical Discoveries

1. Veni Redemptor Gentium    5:31
2. Amazing Grace    6:42
3. Miserere    6:04
4. Veni Creator Spiritus    4:06
5. Auguries Of Innocence: Part 1    3:51
6. Auguries Of Innocence: Part 2    3:28
7. Be Still My Soul    5:01
8. Angelica    4:55
9. Simple Gifts    5:00
10. State Of Grace    3:09


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