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Al Gromer Khan - Mahogany Nights

Hearts of Space Records

Al Gromer Khan - Mahogany Nights

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Track List
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One of Al Gromer Khan's first and finest. 

Mahogany Nights quietly advances the ancient tradition of Indian "night music" (ragas) into the arena of electronically created ambiance. It's a contemporary soundscape, full of seductive beauty - exotic, spatial, and opulently rich. But at its heart lies an experience as timely as mahogany nights around ancient Asian fires. An old poem by Lama Govinda begins: "Night... opens wide the gates of space."

From the nocturnes of Chopin to the many Indian ragas tuned and calibrated specifically for nighttime performance, the tradition of night music stretches back into prehistory.

Al calls Mahogany Nights "Paisley Music," melodies which "creep around sparse harmonies like the tendrils and arabesques of Indian paisley textiles for Kashmir." As you can see from his descriptions of each piece, this album effects a marriage between the mood science and melodic elaboration of Indian classical music - realized in the underpinnings of the compositions and in Al Gromer Khan's exquisitely refined sitar playing - and an intuitive pursuit of high-tech timbral and spatial values. About his unique synthesizer technique he says simply, "I just mold the sound so it fits the requirements of my emotions."

Please listen to this music in the space in which it was created: with some nice aromatic tea, late at night at moderate volume...and let it work its magic. Five stories above the cobbled streets of sleeping Munich, Al Gromer Khan, the first European member of the legendary Khan dynasty of sitar players, is casting another paisley web.


Taj 24:36
The Abdullah Tree 2:57
Night Of The Scorpion 7:15
Koh-I-Noor 9:28
Mumtaz 5:57
Moghul Lace 6:07



Produced by
Al Gromer Khan and Stephen Hill
Composed, performed, and recorded
by Al Gromer Khan at The Paisley Room;
Munich, 1988-90. Mixed to DAT [ADDI
All music © 1990, Al Gromer Khan/GEMA,
except Night of the Scorpion recorded 1988,
mixed 1990, aha Studio, Munich
Mezzo soprano: Martina Koppelstetter
Engineer: Norbert Sylvester
Published by aha Musikverlag/GEMA,
Digital mastering: Stephen Hill at Hearts of Space
Studio, San Francisco, on Thiel CS 3.5 monitors.
Digital editing and assembly:
Bob Olhsson with Sound Designer Il


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