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Lisa Lynne - Seasons of the Soul

Windham Hill Records

Lisa Lynne - Seasons of the Soul

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Lisa Lynne is a Celtic harpist who doesn't really play Celtic music. Instead, hers is an evocation of Renaissance troubadour music, full of modal melodies and sweet harmonies. Tracks like the waltz of "Welcome" and the delicate air of "Bandora's Box" highlight Lynne's penchant for gentle, cyclical melodies and lush arrangements. Like many folk-based artists, Lynne has arrived at a chamber-music sound, full of haunting flute and recorder choirs, gypsy violin, and subtle string backings, in this case from the Chamberlain, an ancient cousin of the mellotron. Lynne rarely takes the spotlight, leaving that to George Tortorelli, who soars through her melodies and stacks up choirs of recorders. Joining him on many tracks is violinist Sid Page. Only some unimaginative percussion undermines compositions that want to fly off into a realm of fantasy and nostalgia.

- John Diliberto

1. Welcome
2. Fair Wind
3. Isla del Luna
4. Firebird
5. Bandora's Box
6. The White Ship Of Hope
7. Majestica
8. Morning Dove
9. The Light & The Longing
10. Faire thee Well


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