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Alex de Grassi - A Windham Hill Retrospective

Windham Hill Records

Alex de Grassi - A Windham Hill Retrospective

The best of acoustic guitar innovator and Grammy nominated recording artist Alex de Grassi's early work at Windham Hill Records. 

Alex de Grassi's A Windham Hill Retrospective is a look back at what the Grammy-nominated artist calls the first "lucky-thirteen" years of his musical journey which began at the famed Windham Hill Records.  

"De Grassi has mastered the art of playing melodies, counter-melodies, harmonies, and intricate rhythms simultaneously.  His touch is as exquisitve as his lyricism, and his improvisational/compositional musical consciousness is as intricate and subtle as a sparkling crystal." 

- Down Beat

" of the greatest steel string guitar player/composers of the last decade." 

- Acoustic Guitar Magazine

" man guitar duets"

- Washington Post

1. Overland    2:35
2. Causeway    4:10
3. Western    4:02
4. Window    4:26
5. Clockwork    6:23
6. Blue Trout    4:13
7. White Rain    3:35
8. Cumulus    4:55
9. A Momentary Change Of Heart    4:07
10. Luther's Lullaby    2:46
11. Charlotte    3:55
12. Turning: Turning Back    8:36
13. Children's Dance    2:38
14. Mirage    2:53
15. Slow Circle II    2:56
16. Blood And Jasmine    4:26


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