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Al Gromer Khan

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Mahogany Nights

One of Al Gromer Khan's first and finest. 

MBNT: A Recollection Of Proto-ambient Music From The Hearts Of Space

"MBNT succeeds very well in the ambient respect, and as a sampler for the deeper, dreamier edge of the Hearts of Space catalog; as an album of non-melodic instrumental pieces that drift, swirl and defy focus, it works beautifully."

- Steven McDonald (All Music Gude)

Hearts Of Space: Universe

"This compilation marks the establishment of the Hearts of Space radio program's very own label imprint."

- Johnny Loftus (All Music Guide)

Hearts Of Space: Universe 4 Collection

"No minimalism here, it is all about melody and that's what it takes to make great music." 

- Tom Schulte (All Music Guide)

Slow Music For Fast Times - CD/MP3

"Slow Music for Fast Times is background music; quiet and atmospheric, it's music to read, relax, or go to sleep to." - Melinda Hill (All Music Guide)

Slow Music For Yoga

"...a collection of languid East Indian fusion that is slow enough to ensure the proper flow between yoga positions, but rhythmic enough to keep the momentum going."

- Heather Phares (All Music Guide)

Black Marble & Sweet Fire

In this cool, creative transcultural fusion by Al Gromer Khan and Kai Taschner, the harmonies, melodies, and sonorities of Indian and North African music join with modern sensibilities and studio technologies, transporting listeners to a seductive landscape.

7 Item(s) Show per page
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